About us

Welcome to Deus Living, where we infuse the magic of Christmas past into the heart of the present.

Our journey began with the cherished Christmas ornaments of yesteryears. These vintage pieces, lovingly crafted from fine glass, hand-painted metals, and sturdy cardboard, have filled homes with joy and unity for centuries. Each ornament carries a unique tale, and together they weave a rich tapestry of shared memories, evoking the warmth of the holiday season.

However, with time, these artifacts have become increasingly rare and delicate. We recognized the urgent need to preserve their stories and sentiments, and thus, Deus Living was born.

At Deus Living, we are dedicated to preserving the essence of these vintage ornaments. With great attention to detail, we recreate each piece, staying faithful to their original charm while ensuring their durability for generations to come. Our creations are more than just ornaments; they are tokens of nostalgia, a tribute to the Christmas spirit of the past, and a promise to keep that spirit alive in the future.

Based in the vibrant heart of Copenhagen, Denmark, Deus Living is a family business rooted in a love for Christmas, antiques, and the Danish concept of 'hygge', a unique kind of coziness that defines our approach to our work. Our mission is to recreate the joy and enchantment these ornaments have brought to our family and share it with you.

We invite you to step into our world of timeless Christmas cheer. Experience the magic of past, present, and future Christmases through our recreations. Each Deus Living ornament is designed to become a part of your family tradition, bringing warmth and sparkle to your holiday season year after year.

Remember, a Deus Living ornament isn't just for Christmas; it's a cherished keepsake for all the Christmases yet to come.

Join us on this journey as we celebrate the joy, warmth, and timeless spirit of Christmas. Thank you for choosing Deus Living, and here's to a future full of Merry Christmases!

We wish you a Merry Christmas.

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Shipping details

Safe Payment + worldwide delivery within 2-6 business days. Shipping is calculated at checkout. Free shipping on orders above € 100. For orders below, the shipping is € 12 worldwide. For Danish customers the is shipping DKK 28.

All ornaments are dispatched from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Return + Refund

We accept returns and refunds requested within 15 days of receiving the order. All refunds should be requested using the account tab or by contacting us at info@deusliving.com

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You are always welcome to contact us at info@deusliving.com if you have any question