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There are in existence a select few magical objects. They are old and tarnished. They have been cared about for centuries, and every time they have been unboxed, they have spread anticipation, excitement, and joy.

They are very rare, very precious, and very loved Christmas ornaments. They might be remembered by great-grandparents, uncles, and aunts who themselves have inherited them from Christmases long ago.

They are made from the finest fragile glass, delicate hand-painted metals, and cardboard. They have been created to celebrate togetherness, to honor an especially revered time - Christmas.

Since these objects are now so scarce and delicate and unfortunately unknown, we have the utmost pleasure of replicating specific samples so they can once more become loved and treasured and act as messengers for Christmases to come, for you to love and pass on.

Deus Living is a family business located in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark. With a passion for Christmas, antiques, and coziness, our mission is to convey the enjoyment the magical objects have given our family over the past decades.

We wish you a Merry Christmas.



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Deus Living - Christmas Decorations & OrnamentsDeus Living - Christmas Decorations & Ornaments

Let the festivities begin...

Countdown to Christmas

The objects are scarce and delicate. All pieces are a work of art from the past, but unfortunately, most of them are unknown. We have the utmost pleasure of replicating specific samples, so they can once more become loved and treasured. Let the decorations be an act of messenger for the Christmases to come. For you to love and pass on.

It is finally Christmas

About us